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Morning Shower

I used to be in the airforce and in the summer I would bike to work every day. I remember on a few occasions when I got off the bicycle and started to walk, my legs felt weird and I had this strong funny feeling in my neither regions. It was not always enjoyable depending on how long I had been on the bicycle. It was like the whole area was numb and then it was given a fresh blood flow. Without thinking about sex or something sexy, I would get a huge erection every time. Wanting to hide my bulge, I would run inside the hangar and into to the locker room. The tingly feelings didn’t happen often but when it did, I had a very hard cock and luckily it would be at least hour before other personnel would show up to work. It was very early and I loved to linger in the shower. Once in the locker room, usually I would quickly lose the sensation and the erection but I remember one day that I couldn’t shake it off. It was almost too hard so I quickly undressed and hopped in the shower. The warm water on my back was f